November Goals

I’ve been setting intentions for the past few months, and so far, it’s going pretty well. I started off in September with a lofty list of habits I wanted to change. In October, I realized my original list was too daunting and I narrowed it down to only two things. Overall, by practicing mindfulness regularly, I think I’ve made some positive changes to my mindset and my routine.

Although the first few months were moderately successful, I’m switching it up again. Instead of calling them “intentions” (which, to me, seem sort of intangible), I’m now calling them “goals.”

While reflecting on the last two months, I realized that setting a goal is more satisfying for me than setting an intention. A goal can be measured, while an intention is more of an abstract concept. I was finding it hard to gauge my progress without a clearly defined outcome.

That said, I realize that some concepts will always be hard to track. Things like “be kind to myself” don’t necessarily have a definitive end when they are accomplished. For these types of goals, I think I need to do a better job of explaining to myself what I hope to achieve, so I will know when I get there.

With this in mind, my goals for November are as follows.

Write 10 blog posts.

I am passionate about blogging and I’m committing myself to writing 10 blog posts this month. I’m hoping that the more I write, the more it will become a habit.

I’m aiming to publish a new post on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. I’ve been busy brainstorming content ideas for the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Eat less sugar.

I’m a bit of a sugar fanatic. I love all the sweets, but we all know they’re not good for you. Sugar is pretty terrible for your overall health and your skin and I really want to cut back. While I don’t eat that much sugar right now, I know I could do better.

To accomplish this goal, I’m going to be more mindful of what I snack on at work and how many cups of coffee with sugary creamer I have. The holidays are approaching, and I know the office is going to be filled with cookies and treats very soon. I want to avoid these things as much as possible.

Hit a new PR with my deadlift.

My November goal in the gym is to increase my deadlift to 230 pounds. I reached 220 pounds last week and I’m really proud of that, but I think I’m ready to do 230 here soon.

To accomplish this goal, I’ll keep training and making sure I’m getting the right nutrition.

Be kinder to myself.

This one has been on my list for a few months. It’s important and hard to do, so I’m keeping it on here for another month.

I think being kinder to myself is a big concept, but I’m going to focus on two items in particular: not dwelling on mistakes of the past, and embracing my good qualities instead of focusing on my limitations.

Are you setting intentions for November? Let me know what’s on your list in the comments! If you enjoyed this post, please follow this blog by email or through the WordPress app. Find me on Instagram at @haileighsenatore.

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