October Intentions

Happy hump day! I can’t believe we are halfway through this week. Daphne’s birthday is coming up quickly and it’s been a busy few days getting everything ready for the party. I’m still waiting on her Barney cake topper, but it should be delivered on Friday (fingers crossed).

Despite the busyness that October brings, I’m sticking to my goal of setting intentions each month.

September was the first month that I set intentions for myself. For my September list, I pulled together a short list of things I wanted to be more mindful about or improve upon.

In hindsight, I think that my list (even though it only had 4 intentions) was too long. I found that it’s really difficult to change old thought patterns, and having to work on 4 things at once was pretty daunting. I’ll admit, I didn’t have as much success as I’d wanted to have with any of them.

This month, I’m shortening my list to only 2 things: one is a new goal, and the other I pulled right from last month.

1. Be comfortable with the unknown.

I’ve been feeling anxious recently thinking about the all the unknowns in life.

I know that it’s not productive to ruminate over things you can’t control, so I really want to get better at accepting uncertainty and moving forward even when I’m not certain of the outcome.

To do this, I will need to work on my faith and be more mindful in the present moment. I’ve been praying more and learning to accept that I don’t have the answers, and probably never will.

2. Be present and focus on the task at hand.

I pulled this intention right from September’s list. Achieving this is very important to me, but unfortunately I feel like I have a long way to go before I get there.

It’s really hard to focus on the present moment when you have a thousand adult worries and thoughts swimming through your head. I need to get better at blocking out all the noise and enjoying where I am, right at that moment. It’s a difficult goal, but a very worthwhile one, so I’m going to stick to it.

Outside of my mindfulness intentions, I have another goal for this month I wanted to share: I want to start sleeping on my back again. Does anyone have any tips for that? I simply can’t fall asleep unless I’m sleeping on my side, but back sleeping is better for posture and helps you avoid wrinkles, so I want to make the switch. Any help is appreciated!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

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